• Vehicles recycling (to scrapped vehicles field)
    • Required documents:
      1. Any file that can display the original information of the car.
        Exp. Copy of the “Vehicle Registration”, “policy of insurance”, “original information”, 車輛異動登記書.
      2. Copy of the owner’s ID license.
      3. Information of the forwarder: contact address, phone number, and the position of the car.
    • To receive
      1. 廢機動車輛回收管制聯單
      2. incentive of recycling scrap cars.
  • License plate scrapping (to Motor Vehicles Office)
    • Required documents:
      1. The car owner’s ID license, personal stamp, vehicle registration.
      2. Hand in tow plates of the car or one plate of the motorcycle.
    • Rid yourself of debt and tax refund
  • Incentive of recycling scrap car (to Environmental Protection Administration):
    • Application qualifications:
      1. 300 NTD. for motorcycles used over 7 years.
        1000 NTD. for vehicles used over 10 years.
      2. Accomplish “Vehicles recycling” and “License plate scrapping”
    • Accomplish “Vehicles recycling” and “License plate scrapping”

    The incentive can be received in about 23-30 working days from the reception. (Release will be postponed on holidays)

  • 2-stroke motorcycle (to country or city government):Depend on the remaining places, the incentive will be NTD. 1500 to 2000.
    • Please apply for the incentive according to regulations issued by the government.
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