Process of delivering the cars

Way 1Drive the car by yourself to HONG YUNG
  1. Drive by yourself:

    Drive the car by yourself to the nearest branch office of our company then you can reward 500 NTD.

  2. Check the catalytic converter

    Our mechanic will detailed check the degree of perfection of the catalytic converter.

  3. Fill in documents

    Fill in the form and sign on “廢機動車輛回收管制聯單”.

  4. Get incentive

    Get back the incentive and sign on receipt.

Way 2 Contact HONG YUNG for towing
  1. Please contact us for quotation.

    Pingtung: +886-8-7533333
    Xiaogang: +886-7-7912777
    Dinjin: +886-7-3576066
    Gangshan: +886-7-6251212

  2. Document needed

    Owner’s ID license, vehicle registration.

  3. We will arrange towing as soon as possible.
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